Grand-Café Centre Ville

Vegetarian Gluten free MONDAY PROMO 14,50,- TUESDAY PROMO 15,50,- WEDNESDAY PROMO 9,50/14,00 THURSDAY PROMO 16,00 FRIDAY PROMO 17,50 burger of own choice, brioche bun, iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickles, onionring, BBQ-sauce, fries and mayonnaise Hamburger, Chickenburger or Vegetarian Burger pork tenderloin with peanut sauce, fried onions, seroendeng, prawn crackers, fries and mayonnaise Pork Tenderloin Satay linguine pasta, bolognese sauce, grated cheese Pasta Bolognese linguine pasta, chicken, vegetables, cream sauce with garden herbs Chicken Pasta linguine pasta, scampi's, garlic-oil, fat-leaf parsley Pasta Aglio e olio 14,00 linguine pasta, fresh spinach, mushrooms, pipsmix, cream sauce and rocket salad Vegetarian Pasta served with a light mustard dill sauce, salad, fries and mayonnaise Codfish served with redwine sauce, salad, fries and mayonnaise Steak